6 Tips for your mental health this summer

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The summer is never far away and we all crave sunshine and hot temperatures! Fair enough, because everyone likes social picnics in lushly green parks, Sundays on sandy beaches and beers & BBQ’s in our backyards. Besides, who doesn’t want a healthy - good looking – face tan? 

6 Tip for your mental health this summer

Unfortunately mental illnesses (anxiety, worries, stress, depression) have a tendency to come by and stick around like unwanted visitors at our – supposed to be sweet - summer parties. Taking care of our body & mind is always important - no matter what season. 

Believe me, I don’t want to disturb your fun because I love summer just as much (or more!) as you do. So, let me hand out some simple tips for summer-self care so you'll stay happy & healthy all summer long:

Mental health summer tip 1 - Stay hydrated

I know, this seems so obvious but please! Drink lots of water (aim for a least three liters a day). Migraine might knock at the door if you don’t meet your hydration needs.

Mental health summer tip 2 - Avoid heavy sun

    Vitamin D is essential, but you'll get our daily doses form just being outside. There is no need to expose yourself to the full sun. Especially on midday when the sun is strong, avoid it! It can cause you a headache and might damage your skin. 

    Mental health summer tip 3 - Dare to say no

      Summer can bring quite some social pressure. Everyone seems to be out and about, making it hard to say no to friends when they're stalking you on whatever Social Media platform to join them to festivals, BBQ parties or wineries. Listen to your gut-feeling! Don’t be afraid to say no when you’re not up to it. It’s not selfish, it’s self-love. 

      Mental health summer tip 4 - Tropical fuel

        Treat that beautiful brain of yours with summer fuel and love. Fresh fruits and green vegetables are delicious and cool down your system. Try a smoothie or a juice in the morning to quick-start your summer day! 

        Mental health summer tip 5 - Practice Yin Yoga

          Balance is the key to a healthy & happy life. In summer the Yang energy rises because of the sun, light and warm temperatures. A cooling Yin Yoga session might be just what you need to keep your body and mind in perfect condition. Leave the Vinyasa class for after summer and go for the relaxing and nourishing (Yin) Yoga!

          Mental health summer tip 6 - Don’t forget to relax

            Relaxation - both muscular and mental - is a super essential ‘activity’ for good health. I find it fascinating how we often need to be told to relax more. This summer, just do it! Spend a hour chilling in the park, on the couch or in a hammock just by yourself. Without any distractions (no phone, music, tv.). Not easy. But so worth it.

            Summer is the perfect time to improve your health and hopefully these tips will help you to get the best out of this awesome season!  So enjoy the sun and social gatherings, but just make sure you take loving care of yourself. Always.


            This blogpost is written by Lotte van Graas, she is Yoga teacher, lifestyle blogger and traveller. If you want to find out more about this adventures summer-lover, check out her website for more blogs, funny podcasts, workshops and retreats. www.theyoganomad.nl

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