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We’re back with another blog sharing stories of how your purchase has impacted people’s lives and generated lots of smiles. This story is about Purity and Esther. Both have been suffering from a mental illness but with Kamili’s help have found their purpose in life, are feeling good about themselves, and are now doing great things for the community.

How your purchase impacts the mental health of Purity

Purity lives on a compound of half an acre with her Mother, Father and two children. The family grows maize and beans and have a cow. Purity has suffered from Schizophrenia since her teenage years. Besides the help Kamili has been giving her, thanks to her supportive, caring family Purity has been able to chase and achieve her dream of teaching kids and running a school. The nursery school she’s been able to set up is based in a tiny little corrugated iron hut where Purity was teaching six children

Purity and her mum
During this time Purity’s mother got injured at work and became bed bound and clinically depressed. Whilst running the school Purity cared for her, fed her, washed her and would have her sitting in a wheelchair outside the school surrounded by happy children from the nursery school.

Purity came to Kamili for help with her mother. Since then, a member of the Kamili team would visit monthly to support the family and bring Purity’s mother for bi-annually review with the Kamili psychiatrist. Purity’s mother spent her last years surrounded by her caring family and sadly died earlier this year. Kamili was honoured to attend a family gathering where they spoke fondly of all the support Kamili had provided.

With the help of the community, Kamili collected enough donations allowing the family to build a bigger school building. The newly completed bigger school now has 16 children.

Building a bigger school

Building a bigger school

Your impact on Esther's mental health

Esther suffers from epilepsy and came to Kamili feeling depressed and hopeless. Her first baby had cerebral palsy and had very sadly died. Kamili helped Esther through this desperate time with counseling, mainly through occupational therapy. This is a method in which the patient recovers, maintains, and develops confidence and skills. This can start by helping with mundane tasks around the house to get the patient up on their feet, communicating again, and working together with others. Step by step the patient progresses to learning new skills and then further boosting morale.

 Esther now has a girl of 6-months named Grace. Esther would bring Grace with her to occupational therapy at Kamili. Taking care of this new love in her life is actually a great example of occupational therapy and has really helped Esther progress. She is now enrolled on a nursery school course and has already started work as the second teacher at Purity’s nursery school.

Esther says:
“Kamili has treated my epilepsy and given me the confidence to care for my baby. The income helps me to put food on the table and I have made lasting friends who I can share my difficulties with. The Kamili family care for me and my little girl and being part of the Kamili family gives me a sense of belonging and security”.

As you can see the kids at the school couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

Nursery school class photo

Everyone in the community is aware that Kamili played a big part in building the school and is super thankful for the progress these two fantastic women have shown. We’re also immensely proud how these two courageous ladies have helped to lower the stigma of mental illness in the local community.

Purity and Esther are another great example of how Kamili, the local community, and the financial support through your hatsup. purchase enable people to feel good about themselves and do something valuable for the community.

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