Peter Njuguna and his mental health story

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Peter, a 50 year old man from Wangige village in Kiambu County, has been struggling with mental health problems since he was 25 years old. He comes from a family where five other members suffer from the same condition. He came through Kamili’s doors in 2010 after his efforts to seek treatment in public and private hospitals for almost 5 years had failed. The drugs were expensive and he had made no notable improvement.

A Personal story of a Kamili patient

His experience with mental health organisation Kamili

He has never missed his medication since he joined Kamili and his condition has become manageable. In 2016, after his mental health improved, Peter realised that the traffic jam in Wangige market was becoming unmanageable and decided to volunteer in directing the traffic at no pay. The Wangige community was pleased with the ease of vehicle movement and this led to Peter’s deployment as an assistant traffic marshal in Wangige by the Kiambu County government.

He plans to complete construction of his residential house, start farming and marry the woman of his dreams. He hopes that Kamili Organisation grows to reach out to others like him so they can live to their full potential.

Melanie, founder of mental health organisation Kamili, says:

"Mental health is a very neglected area of healthcare in Kenya. Many people suffer from it without having any support. The collaboration with hatsup. is an amazing way to provide this help on a local level. For every hat you buy we provide psychological help to one person in mental distress for one month.Thanks for sharing your smile!"

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