Sustainable fashion, a hot topic

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Sustainable fashion, not everyone is using it in the right way, some companies use it to increase sales and not because of the impact. The truth is that either way there is a buzz created around this theme, which makes us more aware about the choices we make and the impact our choices have. 

What is sustainable fashion for hatsup.?

Fair Fashion. Eco-fashion. Ethical Fashion. Green Fashion. There is not one definition for sustainable fashion, it can be considered as an approach to fashion. A new way to produce, sell, buy or reuse the products, a way that has into consideration the social and environmental aspects. Even though there’s not one consensual definition, it’s a concept that is present in the world of fashion and it has become important to take it into consideration. Both companies and consumers have a part to play in this.

Fashion brands have the responsibility of producing their products with minimal impact on the environment and making sure that they practice good ethics and respect codes of conduct inside the company. Consumers have the responsibility of being sustainable conscious about their shopping and also of using their power of choice, their power of questioning. Three of the main reasons to choose brands that produce and sell fashion in a more sustainable way are simple:

  1. Sustainable fashion is good for our planet, the fashion industry is one of the largest pollution sources, by choosing sustainable fabrics we help to change this. Not only because it is less toxic than normal products but also because it lasts longer, you’ll be able to wear your clothes longer
  2. Sustainable fashion is good for humans, who work under fair and safe conditions. The companies worry about the social issues associated with their organisations.
  3. Sustainable fashion s good for animals, we only use fabrics which are natural and gained from animals in a fair way. 

How do you recognise sustainable fashion?

At hatsup. we work together with Klothberg a sustainable fashion partner who guarantees everything is produced in a fair way. All hatsup. produced products we sell are GOTS certified. This certificate can be found as label inside our products.

hatups & GOTS

In the end, we can all agree that nowadays it has become a trend to be eco-friendly, there’s a whole new awareness about the environment that is taking over many aspects of our life which leads us to be more conscious about our ecological footprint. These can go from what we eat to what we wear and as consumers, we have to make the right question to be able to make the right choices.

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