How we make impact on mental health

According to the WHO, less than 2 percent of health funds are earmarked for mental health in developing countries. One-third of people living with schizophrenia, over half suffering from depression and three quarters with alcohol-use disorders cannot access affordable care.

Increasing our impact on mental health

So how can we change this? This is the question we keep asking ourselves and the seed that led to the founding of hatsup. in 2017. One year ago we launched our first one-for-one hats collection; for each purchase we provided psychological help to one person in mental need through our collaboration with War Child. First successes led to joy, but at the same time made use wonder how we could further increase our impact. 

As such, neuropsychologist and head of the hatsup. foundation Aishah started her search for local mental health organisations in Africa last winter. After online correspondences with several organisations in Kenya, we decided to visit the country ourselves. One mental health organisation particularly impressed us because of the high quality mental health care and the heart they put into their work. This was Kamili Organisation. After long and impressive conversations with psychologists, mental health nurses and their patients, we were convinced by the amazing work they do and by the national impact they make. 

hatsup. visiting mental health organisation Kamili

About Kamili and their focus on mental health

Kamili Organisation was founded in 2009 and aims to provide equal access to  affordable mental health care. Besides providing diagnostic and community social support, Kamili allows sufferers and their families to provide for themselves through a micro-finance income generating scheme. Campaigns are run in local communities in order to raise awareness about the symptoms and stigmas still associated with mental health. As a non-governmental organisation Kamili is fully dependent on funds and donations. Kamili currently covers the largest part of Kenya and provides mental help to 9,643 clients and their families. Their goal is to continue to maintain and expand their clinics all over Kenya. 

Read the personal stories from people who joined Kamili:

Through our collaboration, we guarantee that for each purchase psychological help is provided to one person in Kenya. Thanks to their years of experience and a local approach, mental health care is provided in an efficient and effective manner. 

We believe that together we can share a smile to each and every person in need of it. Let's make the world a happier place!